How To Lose Chest Fat and Build Proper Muscles

How to lose chest fat

Losing chest fat is somewhat a challenge. This is true for both men and women. All because you cannot reduce your chest size by simply doing chest exercises. This is simply not doable because there is no such thing are spot reduction exercises. You will need to exercise your whole body, burn calories for your whole body, and as you achieve weight reduction for your entire body, your chest fat also decreases.

Same with diet. As all body weight reduction program needs both exercise and diet – and for that matter, body building too – you also need to combine diet to your exercise to lose chest fat.

Most large breasts of both men and women are essentially excess fats. Chests are basically layers of fat on top a lining of chest muscles. To reduce this fat layer, you need both diet and exercise.


Diet alone will not help you lose chest fat. However, it is important that you should have a diet program that will compliment your physical exercise.

Essentially you need a meal that is high in protein such as lean meat, chicken, fish, eggs and others. Your intake of food should be low in simple carbohydrates like sliced bread, mashed potatoes, rice and others, as these are high in calories. And of course, you should also control you fat intake, such as butter, margarine, and other fatty foods.

Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables because these are easily digested and the nutrients are quickly absorbed by the body.

The most important thing however, is to make sure that your diet program is doable. Something that you can do not just for a few days or weeks, but something that you can do over a long period until at least you get your desired results.

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Exercises to lose chest fat and build muscles

As was previously mentioned, chest exercise alone will not let you loose your body fat. You need to exercise your whole body to attain over-all body weight reduction. We will not dwell on the body exercises to you keep fit, but on exercises that will help you trim that chest fat. Here are some.

Push-ups. Push-ups are good for pectoral muscles or pecs. It tightens and strengthens the pectoral muscles. Do this for 3 sets of 10-12 reps. If you can do it, try doing it in decline position where your feet are set on a bench and your hands on the floor.

Rowing. Jump into that rowing machine. Rowing not only strengthens and firms-up your pecs, it also strengthens and tightens your lower back and arm muscles. Do a trial run and time a vigorous rowing until you sweat it out. It is 5 minutes, or 10 minutes? Do a second rep.

Cardio. Cardio exercises not only help your heart, it also burns a lot of calories and therefore fat in you body. You can do aerobic exercises or Zumba with friends, a 20-30-minute jog in the neighborhood. Or a 30-minute run on a treadmill, or stationary bike.

As a word of advice, don’t exercise every day. You need to rest your body to let your muscles heal and regain its strength. A good Monday-Wednesday-Friday or a Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday exercise regimen will be good.

You can loose those chest fat with a doable exercise and doable diet, for a long term.