History Of The Infamous Ugly Christmas Sweaters-Like Them Or Not The Tradition Is Here To Stay

Whether you’re a fan of this garment trend or not let’s look into the facts of these holiday attention grabber’s

As warm and comfy as Christmas sweaters maybe, their apparent ugliness is impossible to miss. Outrageous Christmas sweaters have become quite the trend during the Christmas festive season. They come in all sorts of funny and crazy designs, but we love them anyway.

Ironically, their tacky Christmas themed patterns are the reason behind their popularity. Ugly Christmas sweaters can only be best termed as a fashion flop. However, even that is not enough to exterminate their existence. If anything, the unsightly Christmas sweater fever has spread and for the past one decade become a rooted tradition for most people.

With all that said, let’s get the gist of this article. When did these unusual garments surface? Who’s behind their creation? The following is a historical overview of how this fashion nightmare came to be.



Trying to pinpoint the particular brains behind these ugly retro Christmas sweaters is futile. However, it is possible to identify the period they first appeared on the market.

Formerly known as jingle bells sweaters, the 1950s saw the first mass production of Christmas sweaters. It was only three decades later that they gained grand recognition and immediate acceptance.

During the 1980s, they gained rapid popularity mostly thanks to television. Bill Cosby, also known as the father of ugly Christmas sweaters, is probably the reason behind this sweater fever. His character in the show THE COSBY SHOW adopted the collage designed knit sweater look. These sweater designs, complimented with traditional Christmas themed patterns gained a lot of recognition.

Chevy Chase, in his movie National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, popularised the sweaters even further. Interestingly, Chevy Chase sweaters also made it to the fashion line in the late 1980s.Unfortunately, the trend seemingly decreased in the 1990s.

Then came the early 2000s where the trend practically underwent a renaissance. In 2002, two men from Vancouver, Canada, decided to throw an ugly sweater party. These sort of parties became somewhat mainstream instantly putting ugly Christmas sweaters back on the trend list.

Since then, these sweaters have pretty much become a culture globally. Although deemed as gaudy, these garments remain culturally accepted and a relevant Christmas tradition. Now more than ever the ugly sweater trend for the holidays is bigger and uglier every year, even the top celebrities are showing off their supreme ugliness like American Idol super star Kelly Clarkson

The ironic love of the ugly Christmas sweaters may be unfathomable to some fashionistas, but it is probably not going anywhere. In the spirit of the Christmas festivities, people have been sharing these hideous sweaters to symbolize love for one another. It is, therefore, safe to say Christmas sweaters have become an essential part of Christmas to a tremendous amount of people.